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In our latest podcast episode we go head to head as Chris reviews high concept sci-fi drama Devs, while Nicola reviews Jason Segal’s whimsical Dispatches from Elsewhere. We also interview DC’s Stargirl Neil Jackson, discuss what we’ve been watching and reading in At Home with the Hulks and in Hulk Topics we discuss what you’ve been binging during the lockdown

00:00:00 – 00:24:56 Intro & AHWTH
00:24:56 – 00:41:48 Devs vs Dispatches from Elsewhere Review
00:41:48 – 01:02:53 Neil Jackson – DC’s Stargirl Interview
01:02:53 – 01:18:11 Hulk Topics – What TV have you been binging throughout the lockdown
01:18:11 – 01:21:06 Outro

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